We Provide Software Modernization Services based on JVM, Modern Java and Javascript for Technology Leaders in Enterprise and B2B Companies

We help technology leaders in enterprise companies modernize/rewrite their B2B Web Products and systems in the most efficient manner through our unique delivery model. We do this in a way that leaves the internal team  well equipped   to own the applications after we are gone.

“Bringing our product to market would have taken double the time without the Katdare Software teamAmanda Sulzbach, BroadSoft

Strategic Focus on Software Modernization

Unique, relevant experience with the specific challenges of progressively modernizing complex systems. A team with the right skills, focus and uncommon commitment for your next modernization project

Modernization Specialists

Your digital strategy and modernization of existing systems is best served by a small team of specialists with strong experience in software modernization, and that is exactly what Katdare Software offers. We have significant experience in both – the unique challenges of working on complex legacy systems to improve them as well as the modern software tool chain best suited to meeting your business goals of today and tomorrow

Relevant Experience

With decades of experience managing a complex portfolio of systems and integrations with varying degree of legacy issues, we understand you’re dealing with a system that includes not just code but humans, entrenched processes and growing business demands

Cost Effective

We blend US-based project management and technical oversight, overseas resources, and your existing team members in a delivery model that offers very high accountability, strong value, elastic capacity and thorough knowledge transfer to your team

Best of Both Worlds

Concerned that using outside help erodes your ability to support the system because critical knowledge leaves with the external team after the project winds down?
We methodically avoid this by almost always assigning members of your existing team meaningful roles during the project. This blended team makes skills transfer and on-the-job training happen during the project rather than requiring a separate, disruptive training event

Timeline Accelerator

We function as a timeline accelerator, not a general purpose system integrator. We work closely with your in-house team to provide the missing skills and burst capacity you need to modernize software with low risk and high ROI.

Avoid Hiring Delays

The challenge of hiring quickly enough to meet the project timeline is non-trivial.

Software modernization can be like starting 3 months behind schedule because you need to attract a rare skillset: cutting-edge experience combined with the patience and interest in working with legacy code. This takes time. With our help you can avoid these kind of delays.

Avoid Missed Deadlines

We’re not magicians, but there will be no surprises ever when you work with us. In addition, we reduce the risk of a blown deadline by using a phased approach with smaller quarterly contracts, avoiding wholesale rewrites, and beginning with an in-depth discovery phase before we start making any system changes

Flexible Burst Capacity

Sometimes you need to scale your team up and down in a more dynamic way than your in house resource strength would allow. And sometimes you need to increase velocity in order to hit an important deadline.
We work closely with your team to provide elastic burst capacity, continuous knowledge transfer, and an easy, cost-effective way to accelerate your project timeline with a shorter lead time and much less overhead than hiring in-house

We Offer

Assessment & Strategy

Before you embark on a software modernization project, you need a comprehensive understanding of your current state and what technology, commitment of resources, and time will be required to successfully complete the project to achieve your business goals

Our Assessment and Strategy service provides this information by doing deep discovery, recommending system architecture and path to meaningful DevOps for your organization. Optionally, we go a step further and come up with a thorough project plan, shared understanding of risks and how to mitigate risks and a proof of concept of the new system or a minimum viable change to your existing system

Architecture Consulting

Leverage our experience with enterprise grade software modernization projects to improve architecture, enable faster time to market through DevOps and process changes, or just better manage your modernization project, even if you are in the middle of an ongoing project

Software Engineering

Our engineers combine experience with cutting-edge software stacks based on modern Java, JVM and Javascript and an enthusiasm for modernizing existing systems. Combined with our DevOps and CloudOps expertise, we can surgically upgrade your existing codebase and operations to better align with your digital or business strategy.

Our Expertise

Cloud and SaaS

Our cloud expertise include AWS, Google Cloud, Immutable infrastructure, Containerization (Docker, k8s), and automation using modern DevOps techniques

Enterprise Applications

  • Cloud/On-premise/Hybrid Application engineering using our full-stack expertise
  • Deep experience with modern Java and Javascript ecosystems
  • Expertise in setting up CI/CD pipelines for existing applications
  • Understand and solve complex business problems using software

B2B Product Engineering

  • Work closely with product management, UI/UX designers, and multiple stakeholders to build the right product for your users
  • Help shrink your product  to market time
  • Agile mindset to iterate based on user/stakeholder feedback across an flexible, agile development process
  • Architectural expertise at all points in product lifecycle from prototype to full-scale production


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